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5 of The Best Wetsuits

times   2016-10-29

Whether you’re heading ashore to try your hand at surfing or are taking out the tender for a spot of water skiing, investing in a good wetsuit is essential to protect against cold water and inevitable falls when practising water sports. Even if you do not enjoy them yourself, a good host or charter yacht owner should always keep a range of sizes and weights on board so guests don’t miss out. Read on to see our pick of the best wetsuits for every scenario.


Even in the warmer climes of the Caribbean and Mediterranean a wetsuit is still essential to protect against cooler currents and jellyfish stings. Opt for a shortie suit with half or T-shirt length sleeves for comfort and a weight of around 2mm for flexibility. O’Neill’s Hyperfreak wetsuit is ideal for summer sports thanks to its quick dry Techno butter neoprene - which promises to be 20% lighter and absorb 30% less water than traditional materials - front upper zip entry for increased ease of movement and minimal seam design.

If even the coldest temperatures can’t stop you diving off the side of your explorer yacht then you’ll need to invest in a good quality winter wetsuit. Long sleeves and full-length legs are a must and booties, hoods and gloves are also advisable. NP’s top of the range Nexus wetsuit has inner layer insulation built into the neoprene to trap heat and increase buoyancy and flexibility while anti-odour, antibacterial, quick dry and warming properties come as standard.


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